Sunday school at Elim takes place during our Sunday morning service. The children participate in our praise & worship at the start of a Sunday morning service, before leaving to enjoy a fun filled and challenging time of their own upstairs in our Sunday school room.

In worship, we encourage kids to express and get close to God to help develop their personal relationship with Him.

Through the Bible, we strive to lay a solid biblical foundation in each child’s life that will help them navigate through life and make good solid choices for his/her future.

Through friendships with others and interaction, we aim to create a place where each child feels like they belong and are valued.

Each Sunday we set the goal to cultivate a fun and safe atmosphere of community where life-long friendships can be built and where each child can develop a solid foundation to help them sustain right choices throughout life.

We currently don't have a weekly Youth group/meeting, but our young people are involved in our Sunday meetings in various ways (worship team, flags, sound & audio). They also have the occasional social get together and annually have a weekend away at Elim's national Youth event 'The Gathering'.