Elim LogoElim is a Pentecostal denomination with churches not only throughout our country, but across the world in almost every nation. The Elim Pentecostal Church was founded in 1915 by Welshman George Jeffreys, an evangelist and church planter. 

Between 1915 and 1934, Jeffreys conducted evangelistic missions. He would commence a mission with just a handful of people, and by the end of the week, thousands would clamour for a seat, to witness miracles of healing and experience the awesome presence of God. From such missions churches were established.

Elim grew with amazing rapidity soon establishing itself as a Pentecostal power in the evangelisation of the UK. Today, there are over 500 churches here in the UK, and nearly 9000 world-wide.

The work and ministry of Elim in the UK is overseen by the NLT (National Leadership Team) chaired by a General Superintendent.

All Elim Churches are part of a wider Elim region with a designated regional leader. There are currently nine such regions, which cover the whole of the UK. Regions help provide a network of support, training and accountability for local churches and their ministers.

Like all Elim Churches, we subscribe to the movement’s fundamental truths and constitution.

As an Elim church we are self supported financially and contribute 10% of our income to central Elim funds.

For all general purposes we are locally governed by our Church Eldership and Church Session, and are free to develop our work and vision as led by God.

Elim’s International Central Office is based in Malvern. Elim Ministers are trained or linked in their training to its official residential college, Regents Theological College also based on the same 35 acre site in Malvern.

Elim’s global thrust is spearheaded by the International Missions Board, which operates in 35 countries, with orphanages, hospitals and schools as well as churches. It has a vibrant Home Missions policy too and is committed to the evangelisation of the UK and the planting of new churches.

The winning of young people to Jesus is an important part of Elim's mission, and this is directed by its 'Serious4God Team'.