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The name 'Elim' was taken from the book of Exodus in the Bible (15v27) a place God brought the children of Israel to as they were being led by Moses on their journey through the wilderness. It was an oasis, a place they could take time out and find relief, rest and refreshment on their difficult journey. A place they could recharge their batteries before continuing on their way.

Elim Harrogate’s desire is to provide an environment mirroring the place that the children of Israel came to. Today every single one of us are on a ‘journey’ through life, a life full of ups and downs, laughter and tears, joy and fun, but also pressures and stresses.

We seek to provide an ‘oasis’ in this life, a place where people can find benefit, enjoyment, refreshment, friendship, community and most importantly, meet with God.

We believe that God has a magnificent plan and purpose for us, both personally and corporately, and we desire to use our times together to understand those plans and purposes a little more.

We trust that on the pages of this site you'll find answers to the questions you might have about God, life, and church. We've sought to make this site easy to navigate and hope that you'll learn more about God and Elim Harrogate. On the site you can find out everything that we value as a Church, find out how you can be involved or receive help or catch up on messages that you have missed.

If you've never visited Elim Harrogate, we hope you'll take some time to visit one of our Sunday services.

We hope you find what you're looking for at Elim Harrogate. If you do have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us, it really would be an incredible honour to serve you.

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