The world's economy is in crisis. International stock market crashes, failure of exchange rate mechanisms, budget deficits in western nations and crippling debts in developing countries all demonstrate this. Politicians and economists everywhere are struggling to find answers but there seem to be no lasting solutions. Now is the time for Christians to rediscover God's system of economics - the economics of the kingdom.

Giving has always been a phrase within the Church that has often caused problems for a lot of people, mainly because of some of the abuses they have seen associated with it. I honestly believe that the fund raising schemes of the Church would not be needed if we all as Christian church members followed the Bible’s teaching on giving.  

At Elim Harrogate we believe that to give to the work of God is a privilege and an investment in His Kingdom, therefore we encourage members of the church to cultivate regular, systematic giving to the work of God. Tithing (giving 10% of gross income) is an Old Testament principle which was adopted by the New Testament Church. They wanted God’s best, and believed that the pathway to spiritual blessing was found in God’s Word, which included tithing.

How much is required? Some Church systems require a percentage before membership is permitted. Elim though believing in tithing, has never applied such legalism to membership. God loves a cheerful giver, there’s no spiritual arm twisting. But allow God to access your heart, let Him show you how good He can be, as you are faithful in giving to Him.


I don't agree with prosperity teaching. It is not Biblical.

What kind of prosperity teaching do you mean? If you are talking about twisting God's Word to justify human greed and lust of wealth, then it is unbiblical, but Biblical prosperity is when the whole of your life, in submission to the Lord, comes under His blessing. Material and financial blessing is included in that. The real purpose of prosperity is to resource the work of God in the world.

Why are you always talking about money? I think it is unscriptural and carnal.

It is not carnal to talk about provision for God's work. Jesus frequently spoke about money. The apostle Paul taught on the practical issue of giving as readily as the great doctrinal themes of the gospel. One of the devil's most effective tactics is to prevent finance from reaching God's work. Negative and apologetic attitudes to money in God's work play right into Satan's hand. We must be positive about investing in the gospel.

How can I be sure my money is going to be used correctly?

One role of leadership in the church is to oversee all aspects of finance. Church accounts are subject to charity law, which ensures regular auditing.

Does my giving really make a difference?

Yes, without a doubt. Your individual tithes and offerings may seem insignificant when compared with the significant needs of the church, but God's provision flows into the church as everyone plays their part. Your giving, whether little or much, is honouring to God as long as it is sincere and genuinely consistent with your ability to give.

I can't afford to tithe - there are too many bills to pay. What should I do?

You can't afford not to tithe! Your commitment begins with the Lord. Don't let financial difficulties stop you from honouring Him in your giving. Make sure that your giving flows from disciplined financial management. Keep your expenditure in line with your income through careful budgeting. If necessary, do this with a financial counsellor. But most of all, trust the Lord fully to meet your needs as you honour Him with your tithes and offerings. He will not fail you.


Decide to invest in God's work.

Begin tithing today.

Obey the Lord in all your finances.

Find out about the tax benefits that can be added to your giving by deed of covenant and gift aid, by talking with our church treasurer.