Church Membership

Elim Harrogate is a family, adopted by God. From Him we receive the privilege of worshipping and serving Him together as His children, as well as caring, loving and praying for each other.

As a family, guests are always welcome within our household, but we desire to see people transition from guest to family member. We believe God wants to weave each of us into the fabric of His community, the church. He wants us to explore the joy and the life that flows from partnering with the church and discover how God intended us to be part of a community that is to be an unstoppable, transforming force in every society on the planet.

At Elim Harrogate we believe it’s a significant and important decision when a follower of Christ decides to plant themselves in a local church, believing this is where the Lord has led them. The leadership of Elim Harrogate strives to love and care for it’s members well, and in turn we rely on our members to accomplish our collective work as a church, in partnership together.

Why should someone become a member of Elim Harrogate? Well the ultimate question here is ‘Why should someone be part of a church?‘ Committing your life to Christ, to others in community and to bring the message of Jesus to the world is what it means to be church. Formally becoming a member of Elim Harrogate is simply a way of declaring that your commitment to Christ, to His Church and to touching this world is a serious reality in your life.

Members receive communications regarding the business of the Church and are eligible to vote when required to do so, in the churches RE:VISION nights.

In nearly every sphere of life commitment to others in meaningful relationship is absolutely vital. In marriage and family life, the workplace and even in our recreation. The church is no different, it needs members who are committed in partnership together.

If you would like to know more about membership or you wish to become a member, please pick up a 'membership booklet' from the information table in the main church area.